Chocotec Music Label was created by DJ Funk e King. He started his musical career in the late 90s originally playing as a guitarist and composer in bands in the London music scene. Whilst writing music he was studying sound engineering and electronics at college and found himself doing session work for some other artists and producers. Alongside this he was also working in performance stage lighting and it was at this time around 98 that he took his hand to djing. With the UK dance scene taking off he immersed himself into the world of djing, playing out often, mainly in the London 98>2002 from parties, colleges, events and clubs. Playing a fusion of styles from Reggae/Ska, Latin, Funk to DNB. ┬áHe started to create his own beats and tunes around 2002 and produced a number of dub plates in the following years. The style was a fusion of Electronic to Drum and Bass with an element of music played over the years. The Chocotec label & Studio was set up in 2004 and moved into music production. The first album release in summer of 2004 ‘All in Check’ produced by the Chocotec label. More CD releases followed with involvement from other Chocotec artist and djs at the time. Chocotec grew and with its Chocotec Crew, other djs RJD & DJ Instant commenced doing its own showcases, Radio and events for promotion. Chocotec music is available online and sold worldwide.
Thanks to everyone who’s helped out and been involved with Chocotec over the years, The Chocotec Crew and Fans